Day 3 – Fort Bragg

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Day 3 added to the awesomeness of day 2. I was able to spend half my day just amongst the redwoods, with the top down on the car, gently winding thru the forest. It was breathtaking and you can check out a 20 seconds of video here (not great video, but still).

Eventually I pulled up in Fort Bragg and was able to experience my first genuine tourist moments of the trip (yay Fridays!). First, I had the experience of driving thru a tree. I learned it’s really difficult to wiggle out of your car when you’re half way thru the tree to try and jump out and take a picture. Definitely a two person tourist trap experience!

I visited the botanical gardens in Mendocino, which were stunning, especially the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Then on to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. This was a bit of a let down overall as it was swarmed with people taking scoops full of glass despite signs saying not to take the glass, and the glass remaining on the beach was small and looked more like sand than anything. Even at sunset you really couldn’t tell there was glass unless you scooped it up in your hand. At least I can say I’ve seen it, though!

Miles Driven: 221 (711 total)
Pictures taken:
 93 (103 total)
Speeding tickets: 0 (1 total)
Food budget: $24.99 ($37.96 in total – I broke today and had a proper meal at a restaurant after my hotel’s breakfast was just day old stale donuts and cereal with no milk)