Day 4 – Monterrey

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What can I say about the winding roads of highway 1? If you enjoy driving, they’re paradise. However, don’t go too fast, the speed limit along most of them is 55, but if you’re going 55 you’re either a professional driver who is okay with the prospect of running over a bicyclist around the next blind curve, or you’re gonna die.

Think I’m stretching the truth? Well on my amazing winding drive I saw at least 2 cars nearly go off the edge and I spent about half an hour stopped as rescue workers pulled up some motorcycles after the riders overshot a curve and had time to chat with the workers. Apparently that happens at least once a week. Those curves are no joke!

Miles Driven: 221 (711 total)
Pictures taken:
 93 (103 total)
Speeding tickets: 0 (1 total)
Food budget: $24.99 ($37.96 in total – I broke today and had a proper meal at a restaurant after my hotel’s breakfast was just day old stale donuts and cereal with no milk)