Day 2 – Eureka

Road Trips, Travels

Day 2 started off with a whimper as work took on an outsized need for my time and I didn’t manage to hit the road until noon, but that’s okay. It’s the journey that matters here, not the timing. And as unimpressive as driving in Oregon was, California has more than made up for it so far.

It took about 90 minutes of driving to hit the border and almost immediately after began the redwoods.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve stood amongst them, they’ll never fail to be impressive.

The roads were suitably winding, the weather was gorgeous, the air had a tinge of salt along with the earthiness of the trees. And best part, I didn’t get a speeding ticket today. Tomorrow can only build on this degree of awesomeness.

Miles Driven: 201 (491 total)
Pictures taken:
 10 (10 total)
Speeding tickets: 0 (1 total)
Food budget: $4.99 ($12.97 in total)
In my efforts to offset yesterday’s speeding ticket I’m going super budget here and taking full advantage of free breakfast at my hotels, no one says you can’t take extra and eat it for lunch too. And dinner…