Day 1 – Medford

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Today my trip began with a sleepless night (maybe a long drive after the night of a thousand booms and bangs wasn’t my best idea), a flurry of last minute packing, a long morning of work, and then a beautiful sunny day.

I’m not normally one for preplanning too much of a road trip, but day 1 and 2 I have my end destinations planned already with hotels booked. Day 1 is all I5, no fun winding roads or coastline views just yet. But there is an In-N-Out Burger at the end of the road and tonight’s hotel is likely the poshest of the places I’ll be staying at thanks to cashing in some hotel rewards points. It’ll be tough to switch from a plush pillow top bed and a separate office area style hotel to whatever roadside motel has cheap rates and (hopefully) no bed bugs going forward, but needs must.

The drive down I5 isn’t the most pleasant, Oregon isn’t all that pretty (sorry Oregonians, it isn’t) and I got my first speeding ticket in a long time on the trip. I’m so upset with myself over this, it’s my first ticket in well over a decade. I’m also upset with the officer who wrote the ticket for 2mph over what he said I was speeding, and coincidentally that boosted it up another speeding class with a substantially higher ticket…

I hope that isn’t a sign of how this trip is going to go. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. And I’ll keep the cruise control on!

Miles Driven: 290
Pictures taken:
Speeding tickets: 1 (grrr)
Food budget: $2.98 (so far I’ve only stopped at Burger King for a snack, more for their wifi to get some work done than anything, but there will be an In-N-Out trip before departing)



  • Richard


    How fast were you going?

  • D.


    I never said I wasn’t speeding….just not as fast as the ticket ended up being :-D.

    I thought I was going about 15 over (guess I better make sure my odometer is working correctly), the officer *said* I maxed out at 19 over while passing someone and then he wrote a ticket for 21 over. Turns out 21 over is double the ticket cost vs 19 over….