Day 3 – Fort Bragg

Day 3 added to the awesomeness of day 2. I was able to spend half my day just amongst the redwoods, with the top down on the car, gently winding thru the forest. It was breathtaking and you can check out a 20 seconds of video here (not great video, but still). Eventually I pulled…

Day 2 – Eureka

Day 2 started off with a whimper as work took on an outsized need for my time and I didn’t manage to hit the road until noon, but that’s okay. It’s the journey that matters here, not the timing. And as unimpressive as driving in Oregon was, California has more than made up for it…

Day 1 – Medford

Today my trip began with a sleepless night (maybe a long drive after the night of a thousand booms and bangs wasn’t my best idea), a flurry of last minute packing, a long morning of work, and then a beautiful sunny day. I’m not normally one for preplanning too much of a road trip, but…

Road Trip!

I love to travel on my own, but for some reason those trips tend to take place via air travel. I’ve been to 3 continents and over a dozen countries for work and pleasure, but multi day road trips are always something that I do with someone else. Well, it’s time for that to change….

Puerto Vallarta

While most of my travel is solo, that isn’t always the case. In April I traveled down to gorgeous Puerto Vallarta and I’d happily have just stayed there. It was an absolute tropical paradise. I spent a full week doing not much more than reading books on the beach, eating, drinking, sleeping, and occasionally watching…

WeAllGrow Summit – Long Beach

Work brought me to gorgeous Long Beach California for a truly epic event called the WeAllGrowSummit. The hotel it was held at was gorgeous, the attendees were so nice, and overall it was just amazing. A+ would attend again. I even managed to get in some selfie practice….verdict I’m still horrible at selfies.

RootsTech – Salt Lake City

Quick journey to Salt Lake City for work gave me lots of hijinks, but almost no time to take pictures. At least it was a nice sight out the plane window!